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Intellirent helps leasing pros automate and accelerate the leasing process to find, qualify, and approve the ideal renter…
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✔ Attract leads by marketing your vacancy across 80+ listing sites with one click.

✔ Create a seamless application process for renters that's customizable to your needs.

✔ Automatically verify rental history and employment.

Quickly identify and approve the ideal renter with Renter SmartMatch™.


"Intellirent is a game-changer." - Lindsay Victory, The Rental Girl

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Tenant Screening and Rental Advertising by Intellirent
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"Intellirent has brought consistency and ease to our company’s marketing and application processes. Direct access to so many rental sites has meant more potential tenants reach out to view vacancies. But the true favorite is the application process. Results are comprehensive - some nearly instantaneously – and the system is easy for both the applicant and the rentor to navigate. In addition, the stellar customer service team and an ability to brand and tailor the application has made our transition to Intellirent a successful one."

Deb DoranMeridian Management Group