Traditional Leasing is

Leasing Pros spend an average of 50+ hours finding, screening, and approving a single renter.

The traditional leasing process is full of friction. Leasing Agents and Property Managers work hard to find potential renters, screen them, compare applicants, and then approve the most qualified renter.

But they’re constantly slowed down with double data entry and manual verifications that kill efficiency. Agents can spend 60% or more of their time doing mundane busy work.

If you've ever found yourself...

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Sifting through stacks of unqualified applicants, rushing to find one that you can actually approve

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Manually moving data and applicant information from system to system

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Stuck on hold or waiting for a call back to verify an applicant’s employment or rental history.

… then you know how it feels to do leasing the old way.

Discover the new way to screen renters

Explore Intellirent 
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Screen renters with a customized, user-friendly online application to collect the data you need to make smart decisions.

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 Instantly receive complete credit, criminal, and eviction reports from our trusted partner, Transunion.

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 Automate rental history and employment verification, so you can collect verifications without a single phone call, email, or fax.

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 Validate income by automatically scanning bank statements

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Centralize communication and file management to stay organized and improve team efficiency.

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 Keep files organized, secure, and accessible 24/7 so team members can instantly find the documents they need

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 Manage every inquiry and message in one user-friendly portal so that messages never get missed.

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 Generate comprehensive Renter Resumes so you can quickly identify and approve the most qualified applicant. Then, get the lease eSigned in minutes.

Man frustrated with the Traditional Leasing and Tenant Screening Process

When Leasing Pros are Stuck Doing Busywork...

  • The high-quality renters get approved somewhere else while their application sits in your inbox.

  • Property owners get frustrated and ask why their vacancies take so long to fill.

  • Your team is too overloaded to focus on acquiring new customers and growing the business.

Other Leasing “Solutions” Create More Problems Than They Solve

Paper Applications

While these are simple, paper or PDF applications add unnecessary friction to the screening process. Modern renters don’t want to print applications or fax documents. Double-data entry wastes time and is a security risk for the applicant, as their information could get stolen or hacked.

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Screening Software

Online screening tools collect applicants' information and run credit checks, but they don’t integrate with the rest of your tools, so you still end up doing double-data entry. And with high monthly subscription fees plus a fee for each application, these tools add a lot of unnecessary overhead.

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Property Management Software

These software solutions are great for high-level management. However, leasing tools are not their primary focus. The rental application features tend to be basic, inflexible, and unreliable. Applicants complain about the user experience, and property managers struggle to find the necessary information.

These solutions don’t eliminate tedious tasks from your leasing process or instantly identify the most qualified applicants. Instead, you waste hours reviewing documents, entering data, making verification calls, and struggling to compare applicants.

Leasing Pros Should Be In The Field

Instead, they’re chained to their desk doing manual busywork to advertise listings, process applications, and compare applicants.

What Leasing Pros need is a better way to do leasing, that streamlines the process from end to end. Which is exactly what Renter SmartMatch™ does.

The Better Way to Screen Tenants and Do Leasing

Renter SmartMatch™ can help you find, screen, and approve the most qualified renter with half the effort.

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