Security is our top priority


Since Intellirent was founded, the security and privacy of our users has always been a top priority. We've implemented best-in-class physical, technology and procedural security safeguards similar to those used by major financial institutions (banks, credit card companies, trading firms). 

What we do to protect every user's privacy and security.


Encryption scrambles sensitive data transferred online. Intellirent follows strict encryption processes for both agent and applicant users when gathering any sensitive information and require SSL/TLS encryption. We also store data in an encrypted format with additional layers of encryption added to our backup systems. 


Firewalls restrict any connection between publicly accessible servers, like connections from wireless networks and system components storing user data. Intellirent's systems for all end-users are protected by separate firewall layers. We use a defense in depth approach with a Web application firewall defending against OWASP Top 10, DDoS attacks, and any known exploits against web sites and applications.

Additionally, we employ machine learning technology that can identify and autonomously block any network or system activity that is detected as corrupt or nefarious. 

Password and Account Protection

Usernames and hidden (hashed) passwords are required to access any Intellirent account online. After a username or password is entered incorrectly a specified number of times, access to an account is blocked. A user responsible for protecting the secrecy of your password in accordance with the terms of the Intellirent end user service agreement.

Physical protection

In limited cases with regard to physical servers, Intellirent uses secure facilities that are monitored and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to servers requires multiple levels of identification, authentication including biometric and other security procedures.

Review/Update Personal Information

You may review Intellirent's Terms & Privacy Policy, or update your contact, and account from your menu drop down. Learn more about the application process For Renters, or for technical assistance, please contact Intellirent Support.