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5 Appfolio Alternatives to Consider for Tenancy Verifications

The world of property management is evolving faster than ever. As a property manager, you know that ensuring top-notch tenancy verifications is crucial to finding good renters. The market is bursting with innovative tools and solutions that can revolutionize how you verify your tenants. But are you exploring all your options… or just going with the crowd?

Appfolio is one of the biggest names in property management software and one you’re likely comparing other alternatives to. So we thought we’d help you out. This post explores 5 Appfolio alternatives, complete with critical features, integrations, and pricing, to empower you in discovering the property management software that aligns seamlessly with other tools in your leasing toolkit to your needs.

Who Should Explore Appfolio Alternatives? 

Appfolio is a comprehensive property management solution that boasts an array of features. From streamlining property management processes to enhancing communication and financial tracking, Appfolio is an all-in-one solution to efficiently manage residential and commercial properties.

However, while its features are powerful, some users note that Appfolio is more expensive than other alternatives and has limited integrations, customizations, and flexibility options. Its customer support also leaves something to be desired for those who need quick help to keep moving forward.

Maybe you’re considering Appfolio for the first time. Or, perhaps the software can’t keep up with your business's unique needs, like robust tenant screening features, for example. Whatever the case, exploring alternatives to Appfolio can help optimize your property management operations efficiently and cost-effectively.


1. Buildium

Buildium is a standout property management solution with a niche focus on student housing. It’s an ideal tool for businesses in this field thanks to features like easy maintenance requests, online rent collection, and the option to create property management websites.

Buildium also integrates with essential student-focused services like Citizen Home Solutions and HomeWiseDocs, ensuring a more comprehensive one-stop shop for student users. Finally, the tool also provides pricing options tailored to meet the needs of student housing professionals, making it a compelling appfolio alternative for those who need an extensive toolkit at an affordable price.

2. Intellirent

Intellirent is an excellent choice for free tenant screening and an Appfolio alternative. It offers useful features like creating professional property listings, getting credit and background reporting, and customizing online applications. 

It also helps with communication and collaboration through a unique feature called "Renter Resumes." You'll find it easy to connect with other essential tools, too. Intellirent reduces friction thanks to its integration with Transunion, Nova Credit, Zillow, Rent Manager, and Yardi. Intellirent also integrates with all major property management software for simplicity, including solutions like AppFolio. What sets Intellirent apart is the tool’s free tenant screening services, making it a budget-friendly and inclusive option for screening and managing tenants in one tool.

3. Entrata 

Entrata is ideal for managing tenant verifications specific to military housing. It offers a range of handy features like digital marketing tools, central social media management, and automated tenant screening workflows. 

Entrata also plays well with useful integrations like ASMI,, and VeriFirst, making it easy to accelerate the leasing process and manage the large volume of tenants and leases military bases manage. Regarding pricing, it offers flexibility tailored to the needs of military housing professionals, making it a top choice for this market.

4. Innago 

Innago is a clear and straightforward verification tool, making it ideal for new leasing managers entering the field. This appfolio alternative offers various user-friendly features like the convenience of online rent payments, integration with renters insurance, and easy online lease signing. 

Innago's integrations are designed to provide additional resources and teach new leasing managers as they go, with connections to platforms like Zumper and Its straightforward and accessible pricing structure also makes it a good fit for newer leasing managers who might not have the budget for more expensive tools. 

5. Condo Control 

Condo Control is particularly well-suited for managing multi-unit properties like large apartment complexes. The property management software offers essential features and centralized communication tools to create seamless resident interactions. It also provides amenity booking capabilities, making reserving common spaces like clubhouses for private events simple. Finally, maintenance tracking helps ensure properties are well-maintained. 

The platform also integrates with tools like QuickBooks, Condo Manager, and Shiftsuite to minimize the accounting headaches accompanying managing multi-unit properties. When it comes to pricing, Condo Control offers a pricing structure that's both accessible and accommodating, making it an excellent choice for those managing multi-unit properties.

The Best Appfolio Alternative for Tenant Screening

The property management software you choose is critical to helping you create a seamless experience to help your team and best serve your renters. While Appfolio is a prominent name, it may not offer all the necessary features–like robust tenant screening–to meet your unique needs and set you up as a successful property management business. 

If you’re seeking top-tier tenant screening features, Intellirent is your best choice. It offers fully customizable applications, user-friendly background checks, seamless TransUnion credit check integrations, and more. 

Discover how we can streamline your tenant screening and property management processes by scheduling a product tour to help make the best-informed decision on the right tool for your properties.


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