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Is Rentspree Legit? + Comparisons With 3 Similar Tools

Like any modern consumer, you’ve seen enough dodgy offers and pie-in-the-sky solutions to know you must do your homework before investing in anything. You’re looking for a new tenant screening solution and have seen the name “Rentspree” pop up. Now, you’re left wondering… is Rentspree legit? 

Just like no home is the right fit for every renter, no renter screening solution is right for every property management business. You want the low-down on everything to do with Rentspree. What features do they offer? Are they a good company to work with? And, most importantly, what are my other options if Rentspree isn’t for me?

In this post, we’ll dive deep into what Rentspree can offer and check out three alternatives you may want to consider. Then, we’ll compare and contrast all four tools, giving you all the information you need to help make the right choice for your business. 

Is Rentspree Legit? The Skinny

Rentspree is a tenant screening and property management tool designed to simplify the rental process for property managers and landlords. It’s a popular choice for those who want an all-in-one tenant screening and property management solution.

The tool offers various features to streamline tenant screening, verification, and property management tasks like background checks, credit checks, customizable applications, online rent payment processing, and integrations with popular property listing platforms. Rentspree is free to users and starts at just $39 per application run.


1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop is a property management solution offering comprehensive features similar to Rentspree like tenant screening and online rent payment processing. DoorLoop also includes maintenance management tools. This poses a significant advantage for property managers, especially if you have multiple or multi-unit properties. DoorLoop's pricing structure also depends on the size and needs of your property management business, making it easy to scale with your needs.

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2. AppFolio 

AppFolio is a well-established property management software solution catering to residential and commercial property management needs. The tool offers many features, including tenant screening, property listing, and customizable applications. Appfolio is priced on a per-application basis, making it an ideal option if you’re not running a large volume of apps regularly. However, the tool lacks the 24/7 support of Rentspree, making it less accessible for businesses working in multiple time zones or off-hours.


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3. Intellirent 

Intellirent’s tenant screening and property management solution is designed to simplify the rental process for property managers. Key features include application building, property listing, and tenant screening. Proprietary leasing tools help automate away advertising, double data entry, and verifications so you can focus less on busy work and more on selecting the most qualified renters. 

A key partnership with Yardi transforms the tool into an all-in-one solution, offering maintenance management and rent collection tools within the same platform. Intellirent is also priced at just $30 per application, making it affordable for a wide range of users. And, while it doesn’t have 24/7 support, Intellirent has many training opportunities and stellar online support to help you optimize your experience with the tool.


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Comparison Chart 





Intellirent + Yardi

Background Check

Credit Check

Property Listings


Customizable Applications


Online Rent Payments


Maintainance Requests



Is Rentspree Legit? The Best Choice For Your Properties

Looking into the possible property management software solutions on the market, you asked, "Is Rentspree legit?" Hopefully, this post has helped you find the answer. While Rentspree is a strong solution that gets the job done for many property managers, there may be better tools for you. The other options listed in this post offer robust tenant screening and property management solutions that may fit you and your properties.

Intellirent's robust application building, property listing, and tenant screening solution, paired with Yardi's suite of maintenance management and rent collection tools make for a powerful all-in-one solution that can help you get the most from your rental properties.


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