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Rentspree Review: Pros and Cons of a Leading Tenant Verification Service

In the realm of tenant verification solutions, one name that often surfaces is Rentspree. You know how important it is to get tenant screening and verification right, and you want to make the right decision. Does Rentspree live up to the hype?

Selecting the right tenant screening software solution is critical to the success of your property management efforts. If you pick the right solution, you’ll be able to screen applicants with ease, verify their information, root out potential issues, and approve only tenants who are a great fit for your property. With the wrong tool, you might authorize poor-fit renters, run into compliance challenges, and more. 

This post dives into the pros, cons, and features of Rentspree’s tenant verification service. We’ll cover the ins and outs of what their tool offers, giving you all the information you need to make the right choice for your business. 

Rentspree Review: Overall Impressions 

Let’s start with the basics: What is Rentspree? 

Rentspree is an all-in-one rental platform. This tool offers features for listing creation, applicant screening, and rent payments. This tool aims to centralize and simplify key workflows for rental property owners and managers. Some of the specific use cases of Rentspree include running comprehensive TransUnion tenant checks and digitizing rental applications and listings.

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But what do real users think of Rentspree? Overall, the solution maintains a 4.3 out of 5 on Capterra. According to one happy user:

“I like that it is easy to use and navigate the site. Simple to have prospective tenants use Rentspree and eliminate one more thing that I don't have to do! Easy for the folks new to the service to access and apply for my lease listing.”

However, Rentspree is not without its challenges. One user reports challenges with the user-friendliness of the solution, saying:

“I have had 5 potential tenants try to fill this out, and only one was successful. I kept getting calls from their agents saying it was completed, but the system still shows ‘in progress.’ Very frustrating.”

Rentspree offers tenant verification solutions and credit checks through TransUnion. Listing syndication and eSign features also help automate tedious rental tasks for landlords. However, the platform lacks financial or maintenance tools that property managers may expect alongside applicant tracking. Some customers have criticized uneven customer support and reported challenges with the user interface.

Overall, user experiences may vary, but the platform checks many right boxes for property managers. Let’s now dive deeper into some of the specific features, pros, and cons customers should consider when evaluating Rentspree. 

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1. Comprehensive Tenant Verification 

The most critical feature of property management and tenant verification software is the tenant screening interface and options. How does Rentspree stack up?

  • Credit reports from TransUnion offer a comprehensive financial profile — payment history, current balances, any negative marks like bankruptcies, and an overall credit score. 
  • Criminal screening digs into county and state records, sex offender registries, FBI most wanted lists, and more. Any concerning criminal history can be quickly flagged using Rentspree.
  • Eviction histories look for court judgments, failures to pay, or unlawful detainers. 

While Rentspree does not offer tenant-reported rental histories, the tool allows landlords to collect detailed background info with customized applications, meaning you could add these fields with customization.

RentSpree Score: 4/5

2. Ease of Use and Integration 

Top-notch features and functionality are important… but only if your staff and applicants can use them. How simple is it to use Rentspree, and will it integrate with the rest of your tech stack and other applications?

  • Listing creation, showings scheduling, screening, eSigning documents — the entire lifecycle is intuitive for agents and landlords to pick up quickly.
  • MLS imports and bulk listing syndication to rental hubs like Zillow allow efficient market exposure with minimal manual efforts.
  • Custom applications, eSign capabilities, and tracking portals keep all stakeholders updated in real time. 

Rentspree’s product is designed to extend your existing infrastructure with embedded rental functionality. Their credit checks integrate with TransUnion, but their overall integration list is unclear and not on their website. Confirm that this tool will work with your existing accounting and business management systems before moving forward.

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RentSpree Score: 4/5

3. Data Accuracy and Reliability 

Fast, simple credit and background checks are essential to your rental processes, but only if you can trust the data. How trustworthy is Rentspree’s data?

  • Rentspree partners with TransUnion for credit checks. With over 230 million consumer records and strict cataloging procedures, TransUnion data quality is world-class. They are the backbone of major financial systems.
  • Low error rates combined with advanced fraud detection make information highly reliable for landlords to trust when approving tenants.
  • Rentspree’s ongoing monitoring also maintains up-to-date criminal records, credit shifts, or other changes impacting tenant scores.

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Between the scale, precision, and partnership with TransUnion, RentSpree reports are accurate and reliable. 

RentSpree Score: 5/5

4. Cost and Pricing Structure 

You need a solution that offers a clear, easy-to-understand pricing model that fits within your budget. Let’s see how Rentspree’s pricing structure compares:

  • Rentspree’s pricing is flexible. Solo landlords can leverage the platform free of charge by passing applicants $39.99 in tenant verification costs.
  • Real estate agencies get premium features like custom branding and income verification for $19.99 per user monthly.
  • Enterprise pricing enables unlimited users and volume discounts for large property management groups.

Rentspree also offers no multi-year contracts, giving you greater flexibility. However, $39.99 per report is higher than other solutions, like Intellirent, which are free to landlords with only a $30 screening fee. 

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RentSpree Score: 3/5

5. Compliance 

Finally, every landlord knows the importance of compliance related to tenant screening. How does Rentspree fare in terms of compliance with ever-evolving regulations in the rental industry?

  • Configurable applications let landlords include screening criteria questions compliant across geographies. 
  • Customization options make it easier to comply with various federal, state, and local rental statutes, though landlords must review and implement these measures themselves, allowing for human error.
  • Robust access controls, encryption, multifactor authentication and rigorous third-party security auditing maintain the safety of tenant personal information.

As a licensed TransUnion reseller, RentSpree upholds stringent protocols around applicant consent, adverse action notifications, and permissible usage, giving them a leg up related to compliance. 

RentSpree Score: 4/5

Rentspree Review: Final Thoughts 

This review shows how Rentspree stacks up in terms of accuracy, usability, pricing, and more. However, it’s important to remember that Rentspree is far from the only solution on the market for robust tenant verification services.

Intellirent offers an all-in-one tenant screening solution!

With our tool, you can create custom applications, craft professional property listings, collaborate and communicate with applicants, and run comprehensive background and Transunion credit checks, all in one place.

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