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9 Best Tenant Screening Software Solutions for Fast, Reliable Data

Implementing a robust tenant screening software solution can significantly reduce the time spent processing applications and help you quickly identify the most qualified applicants. 

It’s like ZipRecruiter. Except, instead of helping recruiters find, screen, and interview potential job applicants, tenant screening software enables you to skip some of the manual busywork of the tenant verification process and focus on approving qualified applicants in hours instead of weeks. (Now THAT’S zippy.) 

Tenant screening processes use manual evaluation or tenant screening software to help property owners or managers vet potential tenants. It’s a multi-step process involving scanning or reading complex applications and uploaded documents like employment history, income or identity verification, etc. 

It is possible to review all this information personally. However, let’s say it takes 2-3 days to collect and review applicant information and reach out to references. You can afford to check tenant data this way if you have one single-family unit, or even a few, that are rarely vacant. For a property management company or a property owner with multiple properties, a manual screening process quickly cripples efficiency.

The Benefits of Tenant Screening Software

Tenant screening software not only saves you this time and money, but it can also help improve the accuracy of your results by reducing the opportunity for human error and application fraud. Thankfully, there are a ton of great options for tenant screening software, but with so many options on the market, how do you find your ideal software? 

Thankfully, we’re here to help, comparing eight of the top tenant screening software solutions. With different features and price points, understanding the pros and cons of each empowers you to make an informed decision on which one is right for your company and property managers.


Top 9 Tenant Screening Software Solutions

Many tenant screening software solutions are on the market, but not all are created equal. Here’s what we consider the top nine systems on the market and some key advantages of each. 

1. Avail

Avail, owned by, is an excellent tool for independent property owners or property managers (PMs) who want accounting help and property management tools. The platform offers both, plus rent collections, tenant communications, and content for “professional landlords.” Its simplicity and affordability are two key pros.

Other Pros

  • Free and paid package options for unlimited units
  • Live chat options and great customer service


  • No renter’s insurance or message board capabilities
  • No previous address or terrorist affiliation tracking

2. Intellirent

Intellirent, an end-to-end tenant screening software, is best for growing and high-volume management companies and brokerages. Its key boasting point is that the comprehensive software helps owners and PMs fill vacancies in 24 hours or less by providing rapid access to credit and rental history, income verification, and more.  In addition, its Active Rental Marketing syncs across multiple listing sites so you can attract qualified renters quickly, and Intellirent’s Renter SmartMatch feature helps provide the information that you need to find renters that are the right fit for your property. The software also allows leasing professionals to create customized applications and integrates with popular property management applications for a seamless approval experience. 

Other Pros

  • TransUnion credit reporting and income verification
  • Live training and support during business hours
  • Always free for leasing agents ($30 for applicants)
  • Offers screening for international applicants


  • Integrates with property management software, but does not include property management features
  • Content and support are offered in English only

3. MyRental

MyRental, a SafeRent Solutions company, is a jack-of-all-trades service. The company specializes in tenant screening services for landlords, real estate agents, and property managers, making it a good solution for many companies. It has an extensive database and robust reporting, making it an excellent tool for landlords with a lot of tenant screening. MyRental also offers these services individually for companies that don’t need a full-service solution.

Other Pros

  • Three levels of service, with individual service packages starting at $7.99
  • Automatic sex offender and terrorist screening


  • The premium plan requires consent to pull credit
  • No free version or free trial, and payment on the basic package defaults to the landlord

4. Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a property management software for owners or PMs of duplexes or single-family homes. The company offers an excellent solution for new or small companies with tenant accounting, reporting, marking, and management capabilities in one platform. According to reviews on, the software’s adaptability is a key feature.

Other Pros

  • Fully-customizable features to let property managers build their ideal view
  • Reporting is comprehensive yet simple to run and understand


  • Clunky integrations with documentation uploading and banking
  • No free version or free trial

5. Rent Prep

RentPrep is a unique software that focuses heavily on community, making it a great tool for low-volume, independent PMs and owners who want to grow their businesses. Though its tenant screening services are more straightforward compared to others, RentPrep empowers users to keep learning with extensive resources, including podcasts, guides, and tutorials.

Other Pros

  • Previous address, evictions, credit, and criminal checks included
  • Cost-effective compared to other plans and includes an applicant pay option


  • Extra cost for credit reports with the entry package
  • No residence or employment verification

6. RentSpree

RentSpree is best for Leasing agents in the state of California with a smaller volume of applicants or teams. All “basic” checks like credit score, criminal and eviction history, and credit scores and reporting are included in the base model, making it a good tool for those seeking a complete solution. In addition, its all-in-one portal boasts zero cost to real estate agents, PMs, or owners. Instead, they choose to let the applicant cover costs. 

Other Pros

  • Simple and easy-to-use platform
  • Low monthly fee ($10) and no other internal operating costs


  • Starting costs are $30 per applicant
  • Reference and document checking only included with the highest package

7. TenantAlert 

Founded in 1992, TenantAlert is one of the older tenant screening tools. This helped the company build one of the largest records databases to help PMs and homeowners in the U.S. and Canada find and vet qualified tenants. They offer all basic checks with options for advanced screenings, and promise a 30-second turnaround time and minimal data entry on initial applications.

Other Pros

  • Every screening report includes a free rental application 
  • Offers a $10,000 LeaseGuarentee to cover damages, lost rent, and legal fees


  • $299 annual coverage makes it one of the most expensive options 
  • Only tool on this list not to offer a mobile application

8. SmartMove

SmartMove, a TransUnion company, is ideal for small-scale PMs and owners. It has the unique advantage of being owned by a credit monitoring company (although some of the other tools also use TransUnion for verification). It also offers the flexibility for associated fees to be paid by either the applicant or the inquiring party.

Other Pros

  • Competitively priced with more included features than some competitors
  • Offers full credit reporting, unlike all others on this list


  • Criminal checks are limited to certain states only (Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Dakota, and Wyoming) 
  • The premium plan is the most costly of all on this list

9. TurboTenant

Last is TurboTenant, designed for individual property owners with few properties. The property management software offers comprehensive checks, including credit and criminal history reporting and evictions. Its base operating costs are free, and the starting price is low, adding to its appeal for smaller PMs. 

Other Pros

  • The only tool on this list to offer state-specific lease agreements and rental applications
  • The extensive mobile app offers online payments, maintenance requests, and messaging


  • Less robust screening checks than its competitors
  • The free plan charges additional costs for add-on services like esignatures or addendums

Choose the Tenant Screening Software That’s Right for Your Business

All these tenant screening services offer slightly different advantages. Finding your best choice depends on what your business and PM need and what makes the most sense for your location and size. 

Book a product tour if you’re looking for an end-to-end leasing solution with vacancy marketing, robust screening features, and a user-friendly experience for applicants and agents. See how Intellirent can reduce friction in your leasing process.


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