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Lease Administration Software for Property Managers: 6 Best Solutions

Are you tired of tracking your listings, applications, and finances across multiple platforms and hunting through over-full email inboxes to manage communication with your tenants? You’re not alone. But there’s a solution: lease administration software. 

Imagine you have a single log-in for a platform where you can create property listings, send them to listing sites, accept applications, run tenant screening processes, and more — all the way through the approval process and lease agreement. With lease administration software, all this and more is possible!

This post covers six top solutions for lease administration software. For each, we’ll cover key features and pricing. Then, we’ll give you a bonus tip to get the best results! Let’s get started. 

Lease Administration Software: The Basics 

Before we outline our list of the top options for lease administration software, let’s cover the basics: what is lease administration software?

Your lease administration software solution is a digital tool that consolidates lease agreements, applications, and other documentation in a single, unified platform. This type of software often offers comprehensive features designed to streamline every step of your leasing process:

  • Lease Tracking: Centralized storage of lease agreements facilitates easy access and management, eliminating the need to search through physical files.
  • Rent and Expense Management: The software simplifies rent-related calculations, automates invoice generation, monitors rent payments, and helps you manage escalations.
  • Document Storage and Organization: Secure digital storage ensures proper organization of lease documents, amendments, and associated files.
  • Financial Reporting: Lease administration software often includes reporting capabilities, providing insightful financial overviews of lease-related activities.
  • Compliance Management: The software minimizes compliance-related complexities by aiding adherence to legal and regulatory standards.
  • Tenant and Contact Management: Effective tenant information and contact details management enhances communication and tenant relations.

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Lease administration software can help you manage your leasing processes in numerous ways. You’ll become more efficient, minimize your risk of errors, and have an easier time scaling your business as you expand to new and greater properties. Furthermore, it can help improve tenant communication by offering clear, structured contact features. 

Some lease administration software can also integrate with property management software, offering a holistic approach to your property management and tenant screening processes! Regardless of your experience level as a leasing pro, you need to explore a strong lease administration software solution to maximize your efforts and streamline your property management processes. 

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1. Entrata 

Best for: Military lease administration

Entrata offers a comprehensive platform catering to various property types, streamlining property operations, marketing, leasing, accounting, and more through a unified workflow. The diverse dashboard elements accommodate different property portfolios with a single password, enabling efficient occupancy maximization and data management. 

From conventional housing to student, affordable, commercial, and military properties, the platform tailors its features to each niche, automating tasks, simplifying property management and lease administration processes.

Some distinct features Entrata offers include:

  • Automated MAC payment processes
  • Military standard reporting
  • Waitlist features 

Pricing: Pricing is unavailable on Entrata’s website. 

2. AppFolio Property Manager 

Best for: Maintenance management

AppFolio Property Manager offers a powerful platform designed for managers of large-scale properties like apartment complexes or other developments. AppFolio provides stability, scalability, and innovation with automatic updates. 

The platform includes industry-leading AI for enhanced automation and insights, an intuitive interface for ease of use, robust accounting and reporting, and customizable integrations. AppFolio's all-in-one solution includes communication and service tools, accounting and reporting features, maintenance management, and marketing in addition to its leasing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for large-scale property managers seeking to streamline operations and elevate customer experiences.

Pricing: AppFolio’s pricing starts at $1.40 per unit per month with a 50 unit minimum.

3. Innago 

Best for: Student housing

Innago offers a streamlined solution for managing residential, commercial, and student housing properties. Property managers leasing out to students can take advantage of features designed specifically for this audience, including automated reminders for dates, late fees, and other important updates, 100% online payment options, and parental guarantor options. 

Innago also offers fast fund delivery, support for multiple bank accounts and LLCs, an integrated platform for screening tenants, digital lease signing, generating invoices, collecting rent, and automated late fee enforcement.

Pricing: Innago is a free platform

4. Leasecake 

Best for: Growing teams

Leasecake offers a practical solution for leasing managers that consolidates your accounting, real estate, and legal teams’ platforms into one. You can use Leasecake to centralize important dates, financials, documents, and tasks. Leasecake’s mobile accessibility features allow you to check this critical data anytime and anywhere.

The proactive alert feature of Leasecake gives you a heads up and helps you stay on top of important dates, renewals, rent changes, and more. You can also use Leasecake’s automated reminders and collaboration tools to expand your team without running into miscommunication challenges. 

Pricing: Leasecake’s pricing is not available on their website.

5. Avail 

Best for: Online rent payments

Avail property management software simplifies the management of rental properties for leasing managers. Property managers can easily advertise rentals on multiple platforms, streamline tenant screening with online applications and background checks, access lawyer-reviewed lease agreement templates for digital signing, and collect rent online.

You can also used Avail to manage accounting and expenses, handle maintenance requests, and provide tenants with a user-friendly online portal for payments and requests. Avail empowers landlords to efficiently find, screen, and communicate with tenants. They also offer solutions appropriate for both large-scale property management businesses and solopreneurs just starting out.

Pricing: Avail offers a free package, but their premium packages start at $7 per month per unit. 

6. Buildium 

Best for: Custom property management websites

Buildium offers a comprehensive property management software solution that strikes a balance between automation, user-friendliness, and business growth. Buildium works with property managers of a variety of different property types, including single- and multifamily homes, commercial properties, and more. 

With features spanning business operations, leasing, accounting and payments, marketing, and business performance, Buildium streamlines daily tasks, supports leasing cycles, and automates accounting and payments. The platform's flexible and transparent pricing ensures you pay for what you need, and you can even use Buildium to create your own custom property websites. 

Pricing: Buildium offers multiple pricing packages with their most cost-effective package starting at $52 per month.

Intellirent: The Perfect Companion to Your Lease Administration Software Solution 

Best for: Integrating with lease administration software for strong tenant screening and more!

Project management software solutions can help you accomplish core tasks for your leasing business, but often, they’re lacking in one key area: application forms and tenant screening. Enter: Intellirent!

Intellirent's Leasing Tools streamline the leasing process by eliminating friction and enhancing efficiency! We offer you the ability to attract, screen, and compare rental applicants quickly, all in one platform, giving you the power to approve reliable renters in no time. 

Through features like building compelling property listings, publishing listings to numerous sites, and utilizing Renter SmartMatch™ for automated leasing, Intellirent accelerates the leasing process! We can help you reduce your vacancy rates, save time, and maximize your profits, all while integrating with top lease administration software for a smooth, all-in-one leasing management solution. 

Get the Most from your Lease Administration Software 

The lease administration software solutions listed in this post are all excellent choices for property managers. However, it’s important to remember that you must select the lease administration software solution with the right features and price-point for your business. 

Additionally, lease administration software alone isn’t enough to streamline your business! To make the most of your property management processes, you need a robust tenant screening and application software solution.

Intellirent offers a wide range of user-friendly features, and it’s pretty hard to beat our price! Our software is always free for leasing managers, requiring a small application fee from your lease applicants instead.

You can try Intellirent risk-free today! Create a free account and create your first property listing in minutes to see how Intellirent can simplify your leasing processes!

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