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7 Reasons To Add Intellirent to Your Leasing Software Toolkit

Leasing software is like a GPS.

You can likely remember the growing-up years when family road trips to Grandma’s house sparked too many fights over wrinkled maps and closed roads. While we might smile over those memories, we probably also could have reached our destination faster and more efficiently with a GPS. 

That’s what leasing software is all about - it upgrades your “old-school” tenant screening process and propels you into the future so you can find and vet tenants more quickly and efficiently.

If you’re considering adding to your leasing software toolkit, you already know many options are available. Choosing the right one can help you find and vet your ideal tenants faster (maybe even in less time than it took to get to Grandma’s house). 

Here are some reasons to add leasing software to your process, and seven key advantages Intellirent can help.

How Leasing Software Streamlines The “Old” Leasing Process 

The traditional leasing process is slow, manual, and inefficient. Leasing software helps modernize your processes by automating some of the more time-consuming tasks involved in leasing like faxing paperwork, keeping track of documents, and verifying references or background checks.

Automating these processes can help you reduce your workload, freeing up time to focus on other essential tasks. Storing all your lease data in a single, centralized location also makes it easier to access and update information as needed. This accessibility reduces errors and discrepancies in application documentation, ensuring that everyone has access to the documentation they need and keeping all parties on the same page. 

Leasing software isn’t just beneficial for you and any staff you may have: it also provides applicants with a streamlined and user-friendly experience. With a single portal, applicants can easily provide all necessary information, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication with leasing agents. This user-friendly interface simplifies the application process, making it convenient for tenants to submit their information efficiently. 

Leasing software also offers powerful reporting capabilities. You can easily access applicant credit reports, rental history, income verification, and other relevant criteria. This comprehensive view allows you to make informed decisions when selecting renters. An advanced solution like Intellirent also offers timestamps to show when files are delivered or opened. You can also implement email notifications and more, essentially giving you an entire back-office in your back pocket. 

Last but not least, you can also simplify your security and compliance processes by using leasing software. Instead of relying on locked file cabinets, leasing software provides secure digital storage for all applicant information. By utilizing leasing software, agents can meet security compliance regulations, safeguard applicant data, and streamline internal processes without compromising security.


7 Ways Intellirent Bolsters Your Leasing Software Toolkit 

Intellirent offers a convenient and efficient way for property owners to manage their rental applications and screening process while reducing the risk of unqualified renters. Here are seven key advantages of the integrated platform:  

1. Securely Offer Online Rental Applications 

Intellirent provides a secure and convenient way for potential renters to fill out rental applications online. Applicants an use our secure portal to provide all the information and documentation required for your application.

One beneficial feature of Intellirent is the customizability! You can include questions or requirements specific to your property or your preferences as a leasing manager. This customizability prevents you from needing to collect some data manually or use multiple tools to get all the information you need from your applicants.

Our software simplifies and streamlines your application process by automatically collecting and storing the application data in a secure database. This feature makes it easy for you to access and analyze the information submitted without sacrificing security for your applicants.

2. Automate Renter Screening Process 

Intellirent takes the hassle out of your renter screening process. How? Automation! 

Our software integrates with trusted third-party services like TransUnion (or Novi for international applicants) to perform background checks on potential renters. You can scan for red flags like previous evictions or credit issues easily and efficiently. Our thorough screening report makes it simple to review applications and approve or deny with confidence.

This automation saves you time and helps reduce the errors associated with manual data entry and screening processes. The best part? The final decision is still up to the property owner or leasing manager! Capture data and organize your workflow without taking the human touch out of your leasing process altogether. 

3. Customize Your Entire Rental Application 

We discussed your ability to customize your online application earlier in the post, but Intellirent’s customizability goes beyond adding questions to your application. 

Intellirent's software allows leasing agents to set filters based on factors such as credit scores, income, rental history, and criminal records. By customizing the application, leasing agents can ensure that applicants meet the specific requirements of the property owner.

We offer a feature we call Renter SmartMatch. SmartMatch eliminates friction in your leasing process by helping you gather only the information you need from only applicants who meet your specific criteria.

This level of customization helps streamline the screening process by ensuring that only qualified applicants move forward in the process. 

4. Verify Renter Information 

Intellirent also offers features that help you simplify your verification processes for credit checks, background screenings, and more.

Through integration with TransUnion, one of the largest and most trusted credit reporting databases, we help you verify your applicants’ identities, employment information, and credit history. 

Our integrated verification process helps you ensure you rent your properties only to trustworthy individuals who meet the necessary criteria. By leveraging the power of trusted databases, Intellirent provides a reliable, automated means of verifying renter information.

5. Easily Integrate Your Property Management Software

Tired of manually moving application data from your application tool into your property management software? Intellirent offers the solution!

Our software integrates seamlessly with popular property management software such as Yardi, Rentmanager, and Propertyware. This integration gives you the power to manage your properties and rental applications from a single platform rather than flipping back and forth between multiple solutions.  

Reducing the need for manual data entry and streamlining workflows saves time and improves efficiency in managing rental properties.

6. Stay Compliant with Local and Federal Housing Laws

If you want to avoid fines, penalties, and worse, compliance with local and federal housing laws is crucial. Good news: Intellirent is designed to assist with this type of compliance, giving you peace of mind and reducing your headaches. 

Compliance with local and federal housing laws is crucial for leasing agents, and Intellirent is designed to assist in that regard. The software incorporates features that ensure fair housing practices and help leasing agents comply with applicable laws and regulations. 

Our software provides features like blind screening and equal opportunity leasing features that help prevent inadvertent discrimination. When you use Intellirent, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything you need to comply with all necessary housing laws. 

7. Reach More Renters Thanks to Mobile Optimization 

Last but not least, Intellirent can help you reach more renters. How? Mobile optimization. 

With our platform’s mobile optimization, you and your renters and applicants can access the platform from anywhere with internet access. This mobile-friendly approach is essential in a mobile-first world. 

In high-demand rental markets, reaching as many potential renters as possible is crucial, and Intellirent's mobile optimization maximizes the reach and usability of the platform. Giving potential renters the option to complete rental applications on the go can help you reach and capture more applicants than platforms that are desktop-only. 

Modern Renters Want Modern Leasing Software: Meet them with Intellirent 

If you're looking to modernize your rental application process, Intellirent is the solution you've been waiting for. Our comprehensive platform automates the entire rental application and screening process, making it easier and more efficient for both you and your prospective renters. With Intellirent, you can say goodbye to stacks of paperwork and manual data entry and say hello to streamlined digital processes. 

One of the key advantages of Intellirent is its ability to ensure compliance with fair housing laws, regardless of the state you operate in. Fair housing regulations can be complex and vary from state to state, making it challenging to navigate the legal requirements. However, Intellirent takes care of that for you by integrating the necessary compliance measures into its system. 

Modern renters expect a streamlined and user-friendly rental application process. They want convenience and efficiency, and Intellirent delivers just that. By adopting this software, you can meet the expectations of today's renters and provide them with the solutions they not only need but also want. With Intellirent, you'll have the tools to attract and engage modern renters, setting yourself apart from the competition and creating a positive rental experience from the very beginning.

Book a free product tour today to see how Intellirent can revolutionize your leasing process! 


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