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Smart House Tech Designed to Attract More Renters

Smart house tech seems to be on everyone's mind. From chatting with Alexa to remotely locking your doors from work, using it just makes you feel smarter. Now, imagine how your renters would feel walking into a property already filled with smart home house tech 

According to studies commissioned by smart thermostat maker Nest, 81% of Americans either want to purchase a smart house or are creating home one themselves. Interest in smart home gadgets isn't something that's going away any time soon. Adding them to your rental property could be just the thing to set your property apart from the competition.

Choosing the Right Smart House Tech

Before you spend thousands outfitting your place with smart gadgets, stop and consider what tenants might want most. Odds are, many already own at least a few gadgets, such as virtual private assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. While you might offer one as a bonus, VPAs might not be as appealing as other options. 

According to one study, 23% of renters already own a VPA. However, only 11% own smart video monitoring and a mere 7% have smart door locks. Who doesn't love living in a more secure place? These are two technologies that are fairly inexpensive to invest in and instantly make a property feel safer.

Since smart thermostats are more energy efficient, these also work well to attract new renters. The previous study shows 17% already own one, but having the latest model installed could be beneficial.

Going Even Smarter

If you want to appeal to the most tech-savvy renters, consider smart house systems. For instance, systems like Samsung SmartThings, Vivint and Wink work as central hubs to manage numerous devices from one dashboard. Even property managers are able to remotely manage devices when the property is unoccupied. 

The great thing is many of these systems are designed to work with multiple brands. For ease of use, avoid systems that only work with their own branded products. It's more expensive that way. Choose smart house ecosystems that allow for a DIY style of various outlets, lights, thermostats, locks and more.

Investing in smart house tech is a smart choice. Find out how our marketing tools help you advertise your smarter rental properties.

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