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Rental Property Management Software: 6 Top Options

Most people aren’t still doing their accounting by hand. So, why are so many property managers still attempting to manage their properties with the manual and cobbled-together processes of traditional leasing

Imagine you had a single tool that helped you manage your property. A tool where you can build attractive listings, post them on major listing sites, accept applications, screen tenants, and more. With the right rental property management and tenant screening software, this scenario can be your everyday reality.

This post will walk you through six top rental property management software options. We’ll cover features, pricing, and customer reviews for each solution. 

Rental Property Management Software Basics 

So, you've dipped your toes into the world of property management, and you're quickly realizing that it's a lot more work than just sitting back and collecting rent checks. That's where rental property management software swoops in to save the day. Let's break down the basics.

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At its core, rental property management software is a digital toolbox designed to make the life of property managers smoother, more organized, and, ultimately, more profitable. But not all rental property management software is created equal. What are some of the features you should look for in your software solution?

  • Streamlined Property Management: A great property management software solution stores lease agreements, tracks rental payment records, and even keeps tabs on maintenance requests. It's like having a digital filing cabinet.
  • Financial Tracking: Handling the finances of multiple properties can be like juggling flaming torches – one misstep, and things can get fiery. Strong leasing software offers comprehensive financial reporting. It churns out income and expense statements, helping property managers monitor cash flow, analyze profitability, and prepare tax documentation.
  • Simplified Tenant Communication and Management: Communication is key in property management. Look for property management solutions with built-in messaging or notification systems that make contacting tenants and coordinating with maintenance personnel a breeze.

Armed with this information, let’s examine some of our top picks for rental property management software that can help you with various aspects of your property management journey.

1. Intellirent 

Intellirent's Leasing Tools offer a comprehensive solution for accelerating your leasing process. Our tool allows you to automate tasks such as advertising, data entry, and verifications. Using Intellirent, leasing professionals can attract, screen, and approve reliable renters in less than 24 hours. 

Our easy-to-use platform provides marketing tools to create attractive property listings, streamline tenant screening with credit and background checks, and centralize collaboration and document management. 

Furthermore, Intellirent’s Renter SmartMatch Renter Resumes allow you to securely gather, review, and compare applicant data, giving you the tools to compare apples to apples and make faster and more measured rental decisions. 

Pricing: Intellirent is always free for leasing managers. Applicants pay a $30 fee to submit their application.

Review: “I am an avid user of Intellirent and couldn't imagine utilizing any other applicant screening or rental marketing software. Their thorough application process not only provides peace of mind to my clients but saves them money on reduced vacancies as well. The speed of their application process simply cannot be beaten!” -Valerie Salvetti, Keller Williams

2. Buildium 

Buildium helps property managers deal with lease applications, maintenance issues, payments, and financial updates. This solution goes beyond just managing units; it helps you deliver the services residents expect, ensuring their satisfaction and renewals. 

Additionally, Buildium supports portfolio growth at your own pace, making it easy to expand your property count while maintaining the quality of service. Features like online payments and cash processing simplify financial transactions, making it a valuable solution for property managers of all scales.

Pricing: Buildium’s pricing packages start at $52 per month.

Review: “I love that Buildium allows our tenants to build up their credit scores through the reporting of their on-time rent payments. This is an often overlooked factor in their financial profile and allowing them to reap the rewards on on-time payment is an awesome feature.” -Buildium User

3. AppFolio 

AppFolio offers a comprehensive platform for real estate management that enhances productivity, user experience, and efficiency. AppFolio allows your teams to focus on core tasks by enabling automation and AI to optimize workflows. Its user-friendly design is accessible across devices, ensuring a seamless experience for team members, residents, and investors. 

Whether managing single-family, multifamily, commercial, or other properties, AppFolio empowers businesses to scale efficiently with a centralized system of record. The platform offers rapid onboarding, expert coaching, and comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing return on investment.

Pricing: AppFolio’s basic package starts at $1.40 per unit per month.

Review: “Appfolio equips plenty of tools that help streamline our processes. The ability to automate tasks, accept payments online, and the Smart Maintenance system have been invaluable to us. We also appreciate the ability to add notes and write detailed information.” -AppFolio User

4. DoorLoop 

DoorLoop offers a comprehensive property management software solution that caters to various property types, including residential, commercial, student housing, mobile homes, affordable housing, community associations, and self-storage. Their all-in-one platform simplifies property management by automating rent collection, accounting, maintenance requests, and marketing tasks. 

DoorLoop supports diverse payment methods and offers automated payment reminders, robust accounting features, and real-time reporting. DoorLoop also facilitates tenant and vendor interactions through an online portal, streamlines marketing with listing distribution and custom websites, and enhances owner satisfaction with an owner portal and transparent financial reporting. 

Pricing: DoorLoop’s Starter package starts at $24.50 per month

Review: “DoorLoop's ease of use from a property manager and a tenant point of view as made the undertaking of a property doable. The tenant portal is simple and allows our residents to setup autpayments, communicate with manager, submit maintenance request, etc. we've received positive reviews from all the tenants that have joined.” -DoorLoop User

5. TurboTenant 

TurboTenant offers a one-stop solution that streamlines the entire rental process, from advertising listings on multiple popular rental websites and online applications with tenant screening to state-specific lease agreement creation and online rent collection with tracking, autopay, and reminders. 

This solution’s integrated accounting software simplifies expense tracking and tax reporting. TurboTenant also provides tools for efficient rental management, including messaging, maintenance tracking, expense management, e-signatures, forms, and organization features. 

Pricing: TurboTenant offers a free package, and their premium package costs $99 per year.

Review: “TurboTenant is straightforward to use for leasing and finding good tenants. Very user friendly when it comes to posting photos, describing the property, adding details about the property and much more.” -TurboTenant User

6. Yardi 

Yardi offers comprehensive property management software and services for various real estate professionals, including residential, commercial, affordable housing, senior living, and public housing authorities. Their technology solutions encompass property management, asset performance optimization, marketing and leasing, procurement, energy management, risk assessment, care, market research, and learning. 

Yardi also provides energy-efficient solutions, helping clients manage costs, consumption, risk, and sustainability initiatives. With a track record spanning over 35 years, Yardi has garnered positive feedback from clients who have experienced improved efficiency, reduced waiting lists, and enhanced confidence in their operations.

Pricing: Yardi’s pricing is available only through custom quote by speaking to their sales team.

Review: “The user interface is extremely user-friendly, and the chat responsiveness and faq are amazing plus sides. Updating your property and the units, market-rate/security deposit is easy and user-focused.” -Yardi User

The Best Rental Property Management Software for Your Properties 

The rental property management software solutions listed in this post are all excellent options for property managers looking to streamline their operations. However, no single solution is the best fit for every landlord.

If you’re looking for a property management software solution that allows you to build listings within minutes, post them to all major listing sites with a single click, streamline your tenant screening processes, and more, Intellirent might be the right choice!

The best part is, you can try it out risk-free!

Create a free Intellirent account and make your first listing today to see how Intellirent can make your property management challenges disappear! 

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