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Top 7 Buildium Alternatives for Property Managers

As one of the early players in cloud-based property management software, Buildium has carved a recognizable name for itself in the market. However, as technology and property management needs evolve, many property managers find themselves looking for a different, more modern option. 

For many managers dealing with portfolios of varying property types and scales, Buildium can feel dated, complex, and light on some of the advanced features they need to screen and manage tenants today. And while Buildium offers a suite of other advanced features, its higher pricing tiers leave many property managers priced out or disenchanted. 

On the flip side, it may offer strong features for certain portfolios, but fall short of the needs of large-scale property managers.

But Buildium isn’t the only player in the game. You have many options when it comes to property management software. But how can you find the right post for you?

This post walks through seven top Buildium alternatives you may consider. For each, we’ll talk features, pricing, and customer reviews, giving you everything you need to choose the right tool for your business. 

Buildium Alternatives: What To Consider 

Before we discuss our list of Buildium alternatives, let’s examine Buildium itself. What is this property management tool, and what features does it offer property managers?

Buildium is a popular property management software solution designed for mixed portfolios, but their main focus is on housing. This distinction sets it apart from more diversified platforms like Yardi, which cater to a broader range of property types.

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The solution includes a comprehensive feature set, making it an “all-in-one” solution for property managers. Some of the features Buildium offers include:

  • Payment collections
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance management
  • Vendor management
  • Resident interface

They also provide onboarding and support to help you get started with the tool and maintain smooth operations.

Pricing: Buildium starts at $55 per month with additional fees for add-on features and functionality. 

Finding a Buildium Alternative 

If Buildium isn’t the right solution for you, that doesn’t mean you should forego a comprehensive property management platform altogether. Whether you choose Buildium or an alternative, you need property management software to make your life easier. These solutions help you streamline tasks, automate tedious processes, and provide you with a centralized platform to manage your business. 

Without the right software, property managers struggle with everything from poorly-suited renters to missed opportunities due to tedious, manual processes. 

But how can you select the right Buildium alternative for your business? Look for a solution that offers you the following features and benefits:

  • Centralization: Look for a system that centralizes lease applications, maintenance issues, rent payments, and more.
  • Renter Experience: Today’s residents expect a smooth, painless experience from their property manager’s online portal. Look for a solution that will deliver that experience to your tenants. 
  • Scalability: If you want to grow your portfolio, you need a software solution that scales with you. Choose a solution that can handle more properties than you currently manage to leave yourself room to grow. 

Whether you manage five doors or five thousand, the right property management software can help you streamline your operations. With this in mind, let’s examine our list of the top Buildium alternatives. 

1. DoorLoop 

DoorLoop is a cloud-based property management software designed to streamline and simplify the rental management process for property owners and managers. It offers all the standard features you'd expect in a property management solution, plus a Zapier integration that opens up a wide range of additional integration possibilities.

Some key features of DoorLoop include:

  • Rent collection (credit/debit card, ACH, cash, check)
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Full accounting suite
  • Maintenance request management
  • Online rental applications and tenant screening
  • Custom website builder
  • Document storage and sharing

DoorLoop seems well-suited for small- to mid-sized portfolios of residential and commercial properties. The Zapier integration could make it especially useful for managers who want to connect their property management functions with other business tools they use.

Pricing: DoorLoop's pricing starts at $70 per month for portfolios of 20 units or fewer. 

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2. Propertyware 

Propertyware is a comprehensive property management platform designed for large portfolios of 250+ units. It offers a full suite of features to support the needs of larger-scale property management businesses.

Key features of Propertyware include:

  • Accounting (AR/AP, bank reconciliation, ACH payments, reporting)
  • Rent collection (online and cash payments)
  • Marketing and websites
  • Maintenance management
  • Tenant screening
  • Owner and tenant portals
  • AssetProtect (rental damage protection)

If you operate a large-scale property management business with numerous residential properties, Propertyware may be a strong fit for your needs. 

Pricing: Propertyware's price starts at a minimum of $250 per month. Access to additional features like e-signatures and messaging requires a minimum monthly spend of $350. 

3. RentRedi 

RentRedi is a property management solution designed with landlords in mind. It offers a mobile app to handle key management tasks on the go.

Some standout features of RentRedi include:

  • Online rent collection (multiple payment options)
  • Tenant credit boosting for on-time rent payments
  • Tenant screening with full credit, criminal, and eviction reports
  • Maintenance request management
  • Listing syndication to and Zillow
  • E-sign and storage for leases and documents

RentRedi is best suited for small- to medium-sized landlords who are managing residential rental properties. The mobile-first approach and core feature set speak to the needs of smaller or DIY landlords.

Pricing: RentRedi starts at around $30 per month, making it an affordable option for independent landlords. However, premium maintenance coordination services and other add-on features may cost extra.

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4. Appfolio 

AppFolio Property Manager is an all-in-one platform designed to help real estate businesses streamline operations and drive growth. It offers a wide range of features and a simple-to-learn user experience.

Key features of AppFolio include:

  • Communication tools (email/text templates, portals)
  • Maintenance management (work orders, inspections, unit turns)
  • Leasing and marketing (CRM, online leases, virtual showings)
  • AI leasing assistant
  • Mobility and convenience with a mobile app
  • Integrations through the AppFolio Stack Marketplace

AppFolio can accommodate various property types, including single-family, multifamily, affordable housing, community associations, student housing, commercial, and investment management, making it a flexible solution for portfolios of all sizes and compositions.

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Pricing: AppFolio's residential plans start at $1.49 per unit per month, with a $298 minimum spend and a 50-unit minimum. The Plus plan, at $3.20 per unit, offers additional features like affordable housing capabilities and advanced leasing metrics. At $5.00 per unit, the premium Max plan includes a leasing CRM, custom fields, an API, and dedicated customer success management.

5. Avail 

Avail is a property management platform designed specifically for DIY landlords. It aims to provide the tools, guidance, and educational content to manage rental properties confidently. One potential limitation to consider is scalability. While Avail's feature set covers core needs, you may need a more robust solution as you grow your portfolio. 

Some key features of Avail include:

  • Rental listings syndicated to top sites
  • Renter profiles and application management
  • Customizable state-specific lease agreements with e-signing
  • Online rent collection with direct deposit
  • Maintenance request tracking

Avail is best suited for those managing small to mid-sized portfolios of residential properties. The platform's emphasis on guiding users through essential processes could be particularly valuable for newer landlords.

Pricing: Landlords can choose which types of reports to request from TransUnion, with each having an associated cost that can be paid by the landlord or passed on to the applicant. This a-la-carte approach differs from some competitors that bundle reports into screenings for a flat fee.

6. Yardi 

Yardi is a well-established, comprehensive property management platform offering a wide array of essential features every property manager needs to succeed. Yardi offers a stable platform, experienced staff, and a broad range of features to their users. 

Some core features of Yardi's platform include:

  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Full suite of property management tools
  • Marketing and leasing tools
  • Accounts payable integrations
  • Integrations with background and tenant screening services like Intellirent

Given the scope and scale of its offerings, Yardi is best suited for larger property management firms handling high-volume portfolios. As a result, the tool may not be the best fit for smaller property managers with just a few properties. 

Pricing: Yardi's pricing model is based on a per-unit, per-month structure. For residential properties, the cost is $1 per unit per month, with a $100 monthly minimum. Commercial property pricing follows a similar per-unit model but with different rates.

7. Rent Manager 

Rent Manager is a highly customizable, all-in-one property management solution designed to cater to portfolios of various sizes and types. It offers many features to streamline operations and drive business growth.

Key features of Rent Manager include:

  • Extensive report library
  • Built-in marketing tools for vacancy management and lead generation
  • Web and mobile capabilities for remote access and efficient communication
  • Streamlined maintenance management with a mobile app for technicians
  • Highly customizable interface and workflows

While Rent Manager offers a comprehensive feature set, it relies heavily on third-party integrations to deliver certain functionalities. For example, rent payments are handled through Zego, while resident screening and marketing can be managed via Integration Rentals. 

Rent Manager is well-suited for property managers handling diverse portfolios across residential and commercial properties. It’s a scalable solution, making it a viable option for businesses of different sizes.

Pricing: The pricing structure for Rent Manager is not clearly stated. You may need a custom quote based on your specific needs and portfolio size.

The Best Tenant Screening Integration for Your Buildium Alternative: Intellirent 

Regardless of your property management solution, you’ll need one key feature: tenant screening. 

That’s where Intellirent comes into the picture.

While Intellirent is not a direct Buildium alternative, it is a powerful tenant screening and application tool that seamlessly integrates with top-tier property management platforms such as Yardi, Rent Manager, and Propertyware.

Intellirent offers a comprehensive, free solution for streamlining your tenant screening process. Some of our key features include:

  • Professional property listing creation and syndication to popular rental sites
  • Customized online rental application
  • Credit, criminal, and eviction reports from TransUnion
  • Automated rental history verification
  • Employment history validation
  • Centralized collaboration tools for leasing teams

By leveraging Intellirent's robust screening capabilities and integration partnerships, property managers using Yardi, Rent Manager, Propertyware, or other leading platforms can speed up workflows, streamline processes, and save money. Intellirent enables you to attract, screen, and approve reliable tenants in less than 24 hours, reducing vacancy times and manual workload — all at no cost to you. 

Our platform is completely free for leasing professionals, with no subscription fees, add-on costs, or hidden charges. The $30 application fee is paid by the rental applicant directly. This makes Intellirent an incredibly accessible and cost-effective screening solution for property managers of all portfolio sizes.

According to one user, “I am an avid user of Intellirent and couldn't imagine utilizing any other applicant screening or rental marketing software. Their thorough application process not only provides peace of mind to my clients but saves them money on reduced vacancies as well. The speed of their application process simply cannot be beaten!” –Valerie Salvetti, Director of Residential Leasing at Keller Williams

The Best Buildium Alternative For Your Properties 

This post explored seven possible alternatives you might consider for property management if you choose not to use Buildium. Each solution offers its advantages and features, but no single solution will best fit every property manager. 

Regardless of your choice of property management platform, you know you’ll need one thing: strong tenant screening software. If you want the best in tenant screening, all at zero cost, consider integrating Intellirent with your property management system. 

With Intellirent, you get access to easy-to-build property listings, top integrations with tools like TransUnion and Docusign, and reliable tenant screening services, giving you everything you need to find the best tenants and keep your properties running smoothly.

Create a free Intellirent account today to see how our tool can help you streamline your rental process, find the perfect tenants, and grow your property management business. 

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